How to tell your parents youre dating a black man

President to be racist. Being a racist has only been a problem for presidents for the past fifty years. Before that, it was practically a job requirement. Most people chafe at being called a racist.


They will tell you they have a black friend. But we should be willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt. There are a lot of racist people in America. A lot of that racism is just built on ignorance and fear of the unknown. Given a chance to have a black friend or a gay friend or to actually know a Mexican or Muslim person, the vast majority of people would be open-minded and welcoming.

The first move with your racist parents is to decide where they are on the spectrum.

Would they disown you if you told them you were gay? Would they freak out if you dated a Hispanic person? A 10 on the spectrum is like Hitler. If your parents are 10s on this scale, call the FBI immediately.


You can still love your parents. But you should express that love through penitentiary plexiglass.

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How do you tell your parents you are dating a Black Guy ?

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Only you should hear it. To know about you! By the fact i married a black guy actually committing to meet him because he is nothing more important than family.

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