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The town began as a burgh under the control of Dunfermline Abbey.

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A harbour built around the east burn gradually led to the growth of the town surrounding the harbour itself, main street and Tiel burn following the demand of trade with the Baltic. Early industries which soon prospered included the production of textiles, nailmaking and salt panning. The Industrial Revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries proved to be the most famous period for the town which saw the introduction of linoleum.

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The name Kirkcaldy means "place of the hard fort", or "place of Caled's fort". It is derived from the Pictish caer meaning "fort", caled , which is Pictish "hard" or a personal name Caled , and —in , a suffix meaning "place of". Caled may describe the fort itself or be an epithet for a local "hard" ruler. The earliest written form of the name, from the Charters of David I in , is as the shire of Kircalethyn ; with subsequent forms including Kircaldin , Kirkaladinit , Kerkalethin ; and the earliest close approximation to the current name, as Kircaldy , appearing in The area surrounding the modern town may have been used as a funerary landscape, with discovery of eleven Bronze Age cist burials overlooking the leaning sandy bay as early as BC and BC.

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Two charters for what became known as the "schyre of Kircalethin" and "schire of Kirkcaladinit" were devised in and by David I on behalf of his father, but the location of the town and shire was not indicated. Edward I of England simply referred to the town as a "manor". Kirkcaldy, unlike most Scottish towns, had no stone wall.

The town, instead relied on the sea acting as a shelter, which still could have left the town vulnerable to attack. The construction of Ravenscraig Castle lowered the risk, with the process of small walls or "heid dykes" built on rigs to the west of the High Street. The majority of the dykes contained small gates for the benefit of the town crofts and burgesses, who were responsible for their protection and maintenance.

Kirkcaldy harbour was acknowledged for having "a sheltered cove round the East Burn ", thus giving easy accessibility for boats.

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Royal burgh status was problematic with the loss of the original charter, which had been noted in the conventions of royal burghs in Although difficult times ahead threatened to beset the development of the town, local support for the Covenanting War —65 led to the death of over men. The burgh was also affected by the Highland Jacobite rebellions invading the town on two occasions during the 18th century in and again in — Afterwards, the town became a home for leather making; a brick and tile works; a spinning cotton mill and the first power spinning mill and linen factories in Fife.

Kirkcaldy Town House

As Kirkcaldy entered into the 19th century, the arrival of the Kirkcaldy and District Railway , later to become part of the North British Railway , [30] saw the town develop into the industrial heart of Fife—reviving the use of Kirkcaldy port, which had a severe setback during the mid—17th century. Kirkcaldy became a centre for iron founding and linen manufacturing—specialising in coarser material i. By the middle of the 20th century, the production of both pottery and salt drew to a close.

Around this time, also saw the development of the esplanade from an unemployment scheme ; the first council houses and the merging of Dysart into Kirkcaldy under an act of parliament in A housing crisis arose in the town at the end of the Second World War. Provision was given to new junior secondaries Templehall and Balwearie ; a new Catholic secondary St Andrews and the re-location of Kirkcaldy High School to Pathhead muir on the north side of the town.

There are still links to distinguish Kirkcaldy's former past.

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For example, a reference to the aura of the linseed oil—which produced a "queer—like smell"—used to make linoleum, is acknowledged in the poem, "boy on a train" by MC Smith. This can be seen on a sheet of linoleum in the waiting room of the south platform of Kirkcaldy Railway Station, which was donated by Forbo Nairn.

The first phase including the officers' section was opened by James Young, then Secretary of State for Scotland on 6 July The town house has been described as having a "flat roofline, rectangular profile and somewhat delicate lintel detail - in addition to neo-classical window spacing and a main facade with spindly belfry steeple".

At the back of the town house lie six of the seven provost's lamps of the former royal burghs within Kirkcaldy district. Charles II is shown granting the town its royal burgh status in , received by a figure in a Sinclair tartan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An illustrated history p.

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Kirkcaldy and East Fife p. Retrieved from " https: Kirkcaldy Category B listed buildings in Fife Government buildings completed in City chambers and town halls in Scotland Listed government buildings in Scotland Modernist architecture in Scotland.

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