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When I asked wife's cause of death he said car accident. He said he was from Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam,was a military dr deployed in Afghanistan. Soon he asked me to get Hangouts app and asked for my email to add me,also ask for pictures of myself. He said that the war was getting closer to his medical camp and he was afraid of dying without meeting me and leaving his son,he said he had no family.

When I confront him abt scams and not been the guy from profile he made a video and sent to me,which I have.

He was very polite and when called I could notice his strong accent and poor English,but the man in the video was very handsome,tall,dark skin and similar to the man from the profile pictures,but I learned that the pics belongs to a real dr from Brazil that might no been aware of this whole situation. Your story is alot like mine. He says he is a orthopaedic surgeon also going by the name Dr. Theodore Miguel He says he is in Syria, that he was sent there with a group of other medical people.

He says he has a 14 yr old son in boarding school. Wants me to send a replacement letter so he can come back to the states. I wonder if it is the same guy chatting with me in Hangouts. He also said he was an Orthopedic Surgeon in Yemen. He has white hair and he is from Spain. I wish we can compare pictures. I also have been chatting with this Mr. He has a bunch of Facebook accounts but the Johnson Bliss has the same picture but all his friends live in Nigeria and the pic is a guy as white as snow. Im stringing him along but will not send the money for the "package" he is sending me which supposedly has a gold bar in it worth thousand dollars Hilary, did he have an orange ball cap and was there a second picture with Christmas lights and him holding a baby?

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I wish I could attach his picture to this email so you could verify. Sounds like the same guy said he's a surgeon in the United nations wanted an iTunes card he went by Maynard adalbert.

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I sent him an email telling that I'm the lady he met on tinder. And from thursday till sunday he can send me long emails, long because he only send 1 email per day. He always sends me his pics on his uniform with his last name printed on the right side. I even used linked in but I found nothing. He also telling me sweet words in which how happy he was whenever he received an email from me. I think this is the same clown asking me to pay for his "container?

But I feel he is the same scammer. With the same story, only had a son rather than daughter. Scammed me for ITunes cards I am ashamed to admit I got a message from an orthopedic surgeon in Syria working for the UN, too. His name was different. He got mad when I told him I had no money to send for him to come to the States. I told him that he was the "doctor" an I was just an old retail worker. I had read a few comments about Hangout scams so I was leary from the beginning Glad I had learned about it all before I got taken.

Nationality was half German and Spanish. Spoke with an accent. Few days later him and his colleagues flew back to CA. He sent me a lot of photos and would call mostly in the mornings before going to work. Two weeks later he started with questions: Are you in love? Would you marry me? What is the craziest thing you did for love? He says he was married for 5 years and divorced because his wife cheated on him; had no kids. Then, I asked him for real-time photos and he would send me pics that had been previously taken.

Crazy Russian Dating Site Pictures

Finally, he sends a photo weeks later, then I recently got another one of him at a Charity function, but he changed the background to make it look more lavish. Every time I tried to get information out of him he either had an excuse or ignored my questions. Then he kept telling me in 2 weeks he could leave. That 2 weeks turned into another month. Now its December and I put my foot in his rear end. So he turns it around and said I hurt his feelings and he was so emotional.

We would talk on Hangouts when it was convenient for him. As the communication started to dwindle I told him he needed to fix it. I called bs again. He got mad and said I talked to him like an angel, but come at him like a devil. Said I needed to listen to him. Plus his accent was too thick. Also, he had a area code and said he drove a C Mercedes. He goes by the name of Donald E Waters. If you come across this person beware because he is more than likely catfishing. Meeting people in real life is hard enough, then to deal with this crap is even more frustrating.

Do you have a picture of him?

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I was approached by a Graham Kingsley. He said he was an orthopedic surgeon working for ghe UN in Syria, too. He has a beard and said he was His children were with tbeir grandmother. Your story sounds identical to mine! He is a sergeant in the US army and stationed in Syria.

He said he was having difficulty accessing his money. He even said he went out on patrol.

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I called him on it one day and he didnt talk to me for a vouple of days, then he was back sayimg how much he missed me and my silence was killing him!!! He has spent 18 years in the military! It really really angers me that they pretend to be in the U. Next he wanted my user name and password to my cell phone account so he could order a new iPhone and iPad so he could order it EASIER with my information!

He again tried to throw me a big guilt trip about not really loving and trusting him!!! Boy did he ever use harsh words with ME! I just laughed because 2 can play his little game! Be careful ladies his picture is of an attractive military man with his photoshopped pictures of him in his army attire carrying a large assault rifle! How can we do an image search? Is name was Jackson Murphy I did not send it. After two weeks he said he loved me was going to come over to U. Your story sounds like mine to he wanted a card so he can call me from Isis but I made the mistake of giving him my number and he has a Google account number I hope I'm not being scam now I blocked him from Facebook and I put him on hold on the phone number he gave me from Google.

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