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But at the same time, he might be counting on that past connection to either be genuine and want to be with you for you and because you're a nice person, or there may be ulterior motives.

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To be honest I don't really know what to advise, I mean, he hasn't done anything to you to cause a break up, and has treated you nicely and I can understand that the disapproval of friends and family might be a pressure to break up with him.. All your parents will want to do is protect you from making a bad decision and getting involved with a "bad crowd" that could effect your school work and attendance, in other words, jeopardise your hard work and have you perceived differently in line with how your boyfriend is perceived.

Dating a bad boy? | Yahoo Answers

Your friends already find it distasteful you're with him and disapprove, you might be wondering how long it will be until they disapprove of you by association. With your parents there may be a part in proving that there's more to him than the gossip and reputation and that he's nicer than what they could be lead to believe or have heard. I suppose the context of how you knew him before might play a part in this too, if you knew him and his background before he was getting into trouble or he had confided in you as friends stuff going on with him prior to gaining a reputation I'm sure that would have an influence.

I think at the end of the day you might find yourself socially pressured to break up with him.

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  • If he's a genuine nice guy and you really like him and there's no reason from his behaviour towards you to result in a break up then he will probably figure it out it's because of general disapproval of the relationship then he might be offended but unsurprised and it might reflect on you. If you stay with him regardless of how that might effect things with your friends and parents, you might find yourself in an us Vs them situation, and that's not ideal either.

    I suppose the answer is really the openness of your parents and friends to see what you see and know him rather than the gossip of him and how willing they are to do that, because if they can see he makes you happy and that he's not this bad guy really, then it would reduce the pressure on your relationship and whether it should or shouldn't exist.

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    The difference between a "bad boy" and a snob ?!?

    Not a good situation he seems toxic please keep your self safe and breakup not in person though that way if he shows his nasy colors he won't hurt you. Related Questions Advice on dating bad boys? Why do girls enjoy dating bad boys? Why do young girls enjoy dating bad boys? I've recently found out that the type if girls I'm attracted to dont go for the nice guy, so I'm wanting to know the difference between the typical "bad boy" that girls are attracted too and a jerk.

    Should I date this bad boy?

    Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Historically, "bad boys" were not particularly insensitive or non-empathetic. The snob is generally insensitive and non-empathetic to those that are not of their social class; a snob can be of the high browl or the low browl type.

    In some cases, the snob is not just insensitive but also disrespectful of those not in their social class. Increasingly, "bad boys" also have snobbish characteristics in that they have little or no sensitivity, empathy, or respect for those they don't consider to be in their social class. This may be other males who dress differently, have different interests, or are of a different socio-economic class. All too often, this includes most females.

    All too many of today's "bad boys" are jerks.

    May I suggest that you aim for the strong, independent type of "bad boy". One with their own identity that does not rely on being re-defined be each and every group they hang with. One who is able and willing to say no and be a strong leader with in a group; typically these guys lead from within or outside the group during the times they hang with groups.

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