He dating a beki too

I went through a period where I thought maybe online dating would be successful. Unfortunately , I was dead wrong. I went on several dates each one was more bizarre than the other BUT the one that really stuck out for me was when I was picked up by this guy who seemed well adjusted. He was going to school and in some kind of salsa band. I was waiting so long I started texting my mom , wondering if I should just leave.

So after I drank my bottle of water, yes a bottle of water was all that was ordered, we left. I was just so dumbfounded I spent nearly 2 hours with this guy and what I got out of it was a bottle of water and some anxiety. He then continued driving and got us lost even though he had gps and when he asked if I had a good time and I just gave him a blank look , he offered to take me somewhere else to eat , or take me through a drive thru.

I go out with a white guy. Except he spends the entire time talking about why he only dates black women and gives reasons why white women are flawed. I thought of all of my amazing white friends who would join me in a burying him alive while he probably continues to talk. I was too much a good too shoer.. I am gonna learn and be more aware..

Day 11: Describe Your Worst/Funniest/Most Embarrassing Date

I tell you what.. Day 11…Bad Dates http: Well lets see I have had several First Dates that were just awful. On one of them , I was set up with a friend of mines cousin and he was a cop that worked in the birmingham,alabama area.. Litterally, I talked and he listened and just engulfed his food and only smiled like one time at me and went to the bathroom about 5 times.. I have had many many more than that. My worst most embarrassing date…. I had meet him online we set up the date for On The Border… we ordered our food, we talked every thing was fine until we started eating.

I took a bite of rice and it must have hit the back of my throat wrong cause I started coughing and rice went everywhere. Needless to say he never talked to me again. This guy I knew from school, saw years later and he called me for a date, guy comes, the car is filthy outside and inside, he worked around construction sites, so you get the picture, anyway during the car ride, out comes a cockroach from under my seat, and runs under the dashboard, it mustered all in me not to hop out of that moving car. Needless to say, it didnt work, guy had issues, but if I guy couldnt take the time to clean the car to impress on a first date, then…….

An elder couple in my church set me up with their friends son, who was a 28 year old pharmacist following in his fathers footsteps. I was 20 at the time, so I was already skeptical of the age difference. The guy had no Facebook account, so I could only go off of what the couple had told me. We met at the couples home, and went off for a fishing trip at a nearby fish pond.

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Most awkward hour of my life.. He thought he would teach me to fish, but I already knew how. I even taught him a new knot to use. We had no similarities, I was playing basketball for my college and he knew nothing of sports. BUT — the best part — he……..

It was so hard to carry on any conversation because he took 5 minutes to ask a question. He asked me to dinner a little later, and I politely declined. He got my phone number from the sweet old couple, and I never replied. My worst first date was a few months ago. I had met the guy online, we had emailed back and forth every once in awhile for months. I showed up and he was waiting with a rose, I thought wow this guy is sweet!

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He bought me coffee and we started talking. Well he started talking anyways.. And did not stop talking about himself or his ex wife. I felt more like a councilor then a date. Excuse me while I clean the cobwebs in my dating archive. Probably nightmare dates were when my date and I were being followed by some guys in a car because they thought he was gay. Or the time when my date took me to a cafe bar and I threw up later after drinking a cafe latte.

I could go on and on about the numerous bad dates I have ever had. You can share only one public photo; the rest you have to send.

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There are no notifications unless you pay a monthly fee. Paid accounts get men in their search. Best person I met through this app: Koala, a Filipino-Australian guy who was in Manila. I also met Mr. Foot Fetish but his obsession with my feet scared me off. Worst person I met through this app: First, he asked me out to a late-night dinner, ordered a lot of food and made me foot the bill.

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And when I stopped by Starbucks to buy coffee, he treated it like a grocery store, stocking up on fruits, juice and sandwiches and making me pay again. Of course that was the last time I saw him. Download this app if: Grindr has changed from the time I first signed up; these days, shirtless pics seem to be a norm so better get your photo ready. As the name suggests, this app is for scruffy-looking men as well as those who love scruffy-looking men. What I like about it: Scruff has notifications, making communicating easy.

With Scruff, if you ever feel like deleting the app and change your mind later on, you can download it, log in and get access to your favorites and previous conversations. Like all the apps, the number of people it shows you are limited. Scruffy-looking men and men who love them. A really hot guy but his entire apartment smelled like sweat.

I never saw him again. Geared towards the bear community bears, in the gay world, are large, hairy men and chasers men who are attracted to bears.

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