Pua online dating no response

I might be over the top confident with my profile, but quite less in real life. If you're a timid guy, of course fun, crazy choices aren't for you. Now let's talk about the dating sites In fact, after the first message, if you see them have the IM option turns on, hit them up and run the routine just like messaging. But I found it more effective in chat because they don't have all day to think about the responses. Also when you want to leave, just use the excuse "Shit my laptop is running out of batter, text me so we can continue" - Be less sexual aggressive on this site, most of them are there for friendship or serious relationship.

Any girl that "want to meet you", "added you as favorite" or just viewed your profile. That's your cue, HIT them up! You can use the AO line if you're with their age range, over 25 and you're running the risk of being an old pervert.

Why Online Dating Response Rates Have Decreased

Common they're young, they will go for any ripped cute guy. I had this HB7 basically threw herself at me because she loves Asian culture, I told her to come hang out with me, she showed up at my door couple hours later and I put a movie on. It sounds a little bit complicated doesn't it Here's an example of how it works: This is a HB8 I landed last night.

I sent her the first message then saw her in chat so I IMed her. Haha you're the first one who picked that choice! I have good reasons Note how she jumped the loop and start qualifying 5: Whipped cream contains milk, that smells funny after a while Also I'm a tad lactose intolerant 5: And I find strawberries to be undeliciously tart 5: Chocolate syrup never goes bad Now I know she's leaning toward the romance more than pure sex from the strawberries 5: BOOM that just happened 5: How are you today then?

Actually those represent for certain traits in chicks, not much of foods I'm feeding her just a little bit 5: I would like to point out my scientifical reasoning behind it 5: Do explain your hypothesis though 5: I'm all ears 5: I'm on a beach, so it's massive BUT, it's secluded and there is a lighthouse I'm staying at. I would walk and sit, and look at the marine life, pick at the grasses and flowers and dig in the sand, make sand angels 6: Watch the sun rise, count the stars, dammit I love beaches Okay her sex drive is huge, but she prefer romantic setting with lot of foreplay.

Should you message again if she doesn't respond?

If you're wondering, body of water represents for SEX also 6: Fanfuckintastic She loves sex and doesn't have the typical buyer remorse! Or the dream I had last night? Nah I got all I need to know 6: But guess what you're fun and quite creative! Do you wanna come home with me? No scantrons, how disappointing 6: To the point my man! Not quite yet, but maybe one day Shit test! I ignored it 6: Or we can sneak into Seaworld and steal couple dolphins Note how I act indifferent, not too eager, took a step back and took back the lead by ignoring her plan and suggested MINE instead.

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I'm so bloody down for that you don't even know 6: I have the perfect purse to hide them in 6: I always want to do that 6: First, we must ride the roller coasters I could have gone into the whole rollercoaster kokology but I found out enough, I rather not overfeed her and lose the interest 6: I am unfamiliarz 6: I do this on roller coasters when we are edging to the top 6: I imagine you do 6: Perfect, I like girls who isnt afraid of being themselves 6: I will tell you this though 6: You're part vampire anyways so 6: I'll be in town this weekend to visit my family 6: Or you want I should come up with one?

I will bring tiny printed maps of the place 6: I think that info is public record 6: Done and done 6: Whats your real name then? Or, we working under secret codes See how her level of interest is peaking 6: I like that 6: No nude pic naughty bunny! I'll be at crossfit training , it's too public for that It's always a good idea to steal her thunder and tease her before she get a chance to pull that on you 6: I'll just delete that boob shot then 6: I'm going to forage for food Her response are getting longer and quicker for the last 3 min, that's my CUE!

I gotta run, text me so we can go over our dolphins name 6: She texted me her picture 5 minutes after this.

Wed Jan 18, 7: We'll see how this works for guys less attractive lol.. But lots of good information.. I've never heard of it, but hearing that it breaks down the details of her sex life, I'd like to learn it and give it a try So could you explain it in detail, or direct me to a site which breaks it down and provides examples?

Wed Jan 18, I like some of your points Giving your phone number.

But the apocalypse part is unnecessary, most hot or i would say glamour girls are the types you find online. They think of the convo as a power struggle maybe not consciously and want you to give them all your cards showing your interest because they believe it shows weakness in a guy for some fucked up reason.

I say this mostly for developed countries.

In my opinion the only girls that this would work on are the ones that have joined online to get DTF as soon as possible. They have small hints in their 'aboutme' that all they want is sex and really your going to get there one way or another. After contacting a girl she will most of the time be curious enough to read your profile. If your 'about me' is lame she won't bother contacting you back. Want a good example of this? Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in Online Game only Search.

I don't have too much trouble with my opener, but where I seem to lose a lot of chicks is with the second message I send after they reply to my intro. I've tried "So how is XXX site working out for you- any good dates?

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Also, many chicks have so little in their profiles that I can't really comment on anything. Anyone have a good second message that "hooks" a girl? Try a question opener that sets up a second message, like a "choose your own adventure" book.

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  8. That's what I'm currently experimenting with. Originally posted by n3rv1 View Post. Cuz I'd fuck your mom. Totally agree with Dude I don't chase replies from girls; which is a trap most guys fall into. Infact, i deliberately keep my messages short and neutral. She was pissed, but calmed down when I said I simply won't accept being brushed off, and then came over and blew me. Join Date Aug Gender: I've used That DD line myself a few times.

    Unfortunately, this does fall under the "damage control" category of game, which can produce results but shifting your energy to more prospects and better delivery would probably be better. That being said though, I've tried a bunch of those as an experiment and I've found that "You're fired" without a subject heading gets the most responses believe this is also DD line.

    The *second* message

    Some I've even worked back into my social circle. If no response I'd follow manbehindthecurtain's 2nd half about deleting. I do this as well. Join Date Nov Gender: Age 30 Posts Just because she doesn't reply doesn't mean you still can't close the deal.