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There must be a Facebook page or listings on craigslist for men seeking freaky pregnant women. Personally, I felt my least desirable when I was pregnant. Which meant I was not down for doing a whole lot of freaky stuff. So kudos to all the pregnant women who like to get freaky! Reading these confessions have made believe these women will have no problem getting a guy. For a few months anyway! She either ends up losing the baby or going into labor. I always change my number or block them by that time. He is stone cold. No breakup here, not even a text, he just ghosts them and moves on to the next poor sucker just looking for love.

I hate when people ghost others. If one can't be man enough or woman enough to break up with someone, then they are obviously incredibly immature and should not even be around other adults. This confessor is just pathetic. All items of criteria must be met. This is how I envision a personal ad written by this whisper confessor. He is a man who knows what he wants, and despite the fact he can't even spell the word "blonde" correctly, he still feels he is deserving of his detailed criteria.

In all seriousness though, he sounds, by far, way less creepy than those we have listed so far. That is until we finish reading his confession, "they do things no one else will. Gross is the word that comes to mind when reading this confession.

My general thought on men who love pregnant women is this, they're gross. Not for being into pregnant women, far from that.

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It is simply how they speak about them and describe them, that is what disgusts me. This man confesses that "I stalk pregnancy chat rooms to hit up pregnant chicks. They always know how to make me feel good. He is just out for a good time and wants to be made to feel good as well.

So while hitting up the pregnancy chat rooms, he isn't hurting women or leading them on saying he will be there for them after the baby is born. He is dealing with his fetish in a healthier manner than many of the other confessors on this list. A little chat room dirty talk and confidence boost never hurt anyone. Those women in those chat rooms also probably want a confidence boost as well, and to have someone make them feel good about themselves.

I've also never dated someone who wasn't pregnant. I think I may have a problem. Well, sir, I must say I agree. It does sound like you have a problem. The first step is admitting it and then go about correcting it. He definitely doesn't sound as bad as the other fellas on this list. There is definitely nothing wrong with liking and being attracted to pregnant women. When a fetish hinders the ability for a normal and healthy relationship then it really is a problem.

It takes on the appearance of addiction, more than just a fetish. Perhaps all of these pregnant lady lovers should start a support group. Then they could figure out how to stop hurting these women who they adore so much. Pregnant women really really turn this confessor on, and he refuses to date anyone who does not have a big baby belly. He is by far the nicest sounding person to make the list so far. He isn't talking about he ditches them which it is implied I suppose , nor how he is attracted to his own pregnant relatives, or how he just likes pregnant women so much he keeps knocking women up, thus having a bunch of baby mamas.

No, this is a simple confession, with a simple thought. This man is attracted to pregnant women. Perhaps the other men out there, who love pregnant women, can take a lesson from him. At least when speaking about these women, they don't have to sound like complete and total scumbags. Pregnant chicks are so needy they hop in bed with you if you say you will stay after the kids born.

I'm out before that. It truly amazes me how terrible these men are. They act like a pregnant woman is a thing and not a person. These "men" will one day get their comeuppance for all of their dirty deeds and selfish ways. Why can't they get on tinder and find one night stands with pregnant women? Why must they get into a relationship and lead someone on, only to bail at the last minute?

Bad Side of Tinder Dating - Pregnant Girl?!

These men are really making lose faith in them. I may never look at a man whose fetish is pregnant women the same. Their drive is so high toward the end, but I always leave when the baby come.

I'm not ready for all that. Just a side thought. Next, this man sounds like all of the other lovers of pregnant women; he only wants them for their body. He's not ready for a kid or to commit These fellas need to man up. Based on their behavior and treatment of these beautiful pregnant women, they certainly don't deserve anything good to come to them.

It says a lot by how a person treats another person. I personally live by the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do to you". These men obviously never learned that rule. This poor whisper confessor has ruined his reputation in "the pregnancy world". Which I did not know there was.

Per his confession, which reads " I've only ever dated pregnant women they turn me on like no other. I'm starting to get a bad rep in the pregnancy world though. I am sure he means the online pregnancy world of chat rooms and hookups though. He obviously is getting around a lot for his reputation so be ruined. If he wants to keep screwing over pregnant women he may just have to move to a new town and change his name, basically just start his life over.

They make me feel better than any women I have ever been with. I could not imagine being with someone who isn't pregnant. They are so beautiful.

He is one of the few on the list who isn't coming off like a total creep in his confession. Not all men can accept another mans child as their own, it's commendable. Are you afraid she's going to leave you for her ex? He'll always have rights to his child but that doesn't mean her has rights where the mother is concerned so unless she's showing signs of leaving or being unhappy I wouldn't worry, I'd enjoy my relationship and family.

You can also try posting on the relationships board, they may be more helpful than a debate board. There is going to be difficult times that I don't know how to handle. I would have been a little more thorough. Since BD wants to be part of the picture, I won't be able to be at the hospital when she give birth. I don't know how to handle that. Trying to co-exist with her BD. I haven't met him nor does he want to meet me because I am dating the woman who is carrying his child. He's curious about me but this are from a far distance. How do I go about these things?

I am a really patient guy and I am not going anywhere. I am kind of stuck with certain issues. It's her decision who is in that room. She could have you there and not him. Talk to her about it.

You could also be there through labor but excuse yourself when she is delivering or at the very least be in the waiting room. PP is right, she can have whoever SHE wants in that room. She chose you, you two are in a relationship. You will have to take this day by day. There are not many men like you so your girlfriend is very lucky! I think that as long as you two are happy and secure in the relationship things wont be as hard as you are expecting.

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When it comes to the hospital, you can be there Just talk to her and see what her plans are. I know you said the dad is not wanting to really know you right now You can say something like you are glad he is willing to co-parent and hope you two can get to know each other since you will all be in the childs life. That way come holidays, birthdays, etc It's great the father wants to be involved with the baby when it's born. It's also awesome that you want to be in this baby's life as well.

Since she wants to be with you, I don't see any issues. It may take adjusting for the father to be use to having another man in the picture. It will take adjusting for you to have a new girlfriend, a baby, and the baby's father around. If you want it to work, and she does as well - then you guys can make it work. Prepare for the baby, maybe even get to know the father when he's ready and you guys can all make an awesome team for the child to be raised by.

You can be in the room if she wants you to be. In all honesty, it's up to her. She may want the father to be there as well. This will have to be worked out. Regardless, it may be awkward or even upsetting to you, and you'll have to find ways to be okay with that before it happens. As long as you both can be open and honest with one another, I think things will work out just fine. I don't think she is going to leave me for him. He's damaged whatever relationship they had beyond repair.

First off thank you all for commending me for this. It means a lot. I know a lot of guys would run for the hills but I've never been that guy. I want to be in the delivery room with her but now that BD is back in the picture it just seems like it's not going to happen. I am torn in two directions. One part of me is very jealous about this. He decided he didn't want to be part of this and I think he lost all those rights the moment this guy asked her to have an abortion.

On the other hand, he had a change in heart and is willing to step up to bat and be a dad. Also, being a dad already and putting my self in his position, I wouldn't want another man there. But that still doesn't kill the jealousy. We will see what happens in 4 months.

I want to get to know him earlier on so that way I can start building a foundation for some sort of relationship with the guy. Even though I'm not his biggest fan, I might have to deal with this guy for the rest of time. My girlfriend wants that but not at this particular moment. She thinks it's too soon and it will be more damaging than anything else. I trust her judgment and will play along right now. Guy meets a woman. He is attracted to her. He decides to start a relationship Pregnancy is not a handicap.

It is not terminal. It is a medical condition that lasts less than a year.

Dating a pregnant girl

The baby hasn't arrived yet. I can see "commending" a man who truly steps up to raise another man's child ren.

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But that isn't even happening yet. I'm not trying to pat my self on the back but it is happening. I have been here to take care of her motherly needs. I've gone to the appointments that I could make. I was there when we found out the gender. I am part of decisions she makes for her baby. I helped pick a name.