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I am attempting the same thing. Did you plug in a power cord to remedy the issue? Dec 7, 5: Power is not the problem. Even if you connect power to the USB 3 Camera Adapter, you will only be able to access photos, organized as if the device was a camera. McCall In response to Diana. Lexar also has one. You can then connect that SD card to your comptuer and use apps to access the data on the card.

How to Get a Flash Drive to Work on an iPad Without Jailbreaking

Perhaps not as elegant as others but it does work. User profile for user: All replies Drop Down menu.

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  2. How to Get a Flash Drive to Work on an iPad Without Jailbreaking!
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Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Safari Speciality level out of ten: I just don't understand why I would have to. The iPad will only find photo's if the flash drive looks like a camera. See above for a link.

Requirements for Connecting a USB Drive to iPad

Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: McCall Lexar also has one. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

iPad Pro USB C - What Can I Connect to This Thing?

How to view movies stored on external drive on my iPad? Is there a way where I can connect the iPad to the external HD and watch my media? Chiron Chiron 5 16 I answered with a way to connect it physically, but assuming you aren't jailbroken it probably won't work for you. It's also possible to have your computer act as a media server with the hard drive connected, and have your iPad wirelessly stream the media from it. Would those instructions help?

Limitations The drive must either be externally powered plugs into the wall or require only a tiny amount of power. It might be possible to skirt this requirement by using a USB hub which draws power from an external power supply. I wasn't able to find definitive information about whether this works, though, so do some testing before buying anything.

The drive must be formatted in a certain way. NTFS definitely won't work. This may be a variable dependent on your iOS version — test it out with another drive first that you don't mind reformatting a couple times. Establishing the physical connection If you have an older iPad with the pin dock connector 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPad , you will need the iPad Camera Connection Kit discontinued, but available from Amazon or other places.

If your iPad is jailbroken If you're jailbroken, it's pretty easy. If your iPad is not jailbroken If you aren't jailbroken, it is still possible to view movies on an external drive, though it necessitates that you have enough spare storage on your iPad to hold a movie, that it's fine to either reorganize or duplicate your movies, and that all your movies are already in iOS-readable formats I wasn't able to find a list of supported formats for this, but it's a fair bet that MKVs are out, for instance.

On your computer, copy the movies you want to watch to a "DCIM" folder at the root of the drive.

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Connect the drive to your iPad with the adapter and open the Photos app. It should now prompt you to import your media. Select the movie s you want to copy to your iPad and tell them to import.