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She was dragged through the dirt and into the legal melee, too. A judge later tossed that case, but in the midst of all the messiness, critics labeled Union a homewrecker. There's no way that I would trade it for people who refuse to simply acknowledge the truth. The couple had briefly parted ways earlier that same year, and during their break, Wade fathering a baby boy with another woman.

He revealed the baby news during a press conference via E!

The child's mother, Aja Metoyer pictured, right , told Bossip in May without directly mentioning Wade or Union by name, that she and the basketball star had known each other for "10 years plus. In fact, the actress had reportedly posted a series of romantic photos of Wade on her Instagram account during that time.

However, in April , Union began posting sad, cryptic messages. Her mood picked back up in May when she began to gush over Wade once again. While fans were still reeling over the news that Dwyane Wade had fathered a child with someone other than Gabrielle Union, the couple moved forward with planning their fairy-tale wedding.

When Union spoke with Us Weekly in June , she admitted that Wade had taken control of all of the logistics. Since it was Union's second wedding, we can somewhat understand why she may have felt so laid-back about it, but we think Wade made the right decision to grab the bull by the horns. Their beautiful August wedding at the Chateau Artisan in Miami was one for the books…sans kegger. Nice call, Princess D-Wade. If you're at a Miami Heat basketball game and you hear someone going absolutely ballistic and heckling like there's no tomorrow, Gabrielle Union is most likely the culprit.

As of this writing, Wade has won three championships with the Heat,so he obviously knows a thing or two about the game of basketball. Still, that hasn't stopped Union from chiming in from the peanut gallery. Union felt that she had been "blessed" with her role in the film, feeling it elevated her career. The film was unpopular with critics. They were noted by Mark Olsen of the Los Angeles Times as having "a strange, offbeat chemistry that drives the film.

She called the series a "reworking" rather than a remake. Union admitted that at the time of getting the script, she was turned off, but became interested after reading the script at her agent's insistence. She then met with series creator Frank Spotnitz and executive producer Daniel Sackheim , who told her they thought of her anytime they thought of the character. She played Julia Rossmore, a romantically challenged attorney.

The role was written with her in mind.

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According to Union, Perry had specifically approached her over not turning the role into the same character. Since she had no children of her own, Union used her mother and sister to portray the divorced single mother of three in the film. In an interview with Art Nouveau Magazine , Union complained about the lack of roles for black actresses and actors in Hollywood: Williams sister and Daniel Meade 's Eric Mabius love interest. Union was reported to have signed to the film in March Waters was portrayed by Jeffrey Wright , who Union played opposite to. Union said the film was a gift.

SUV in and Union was reported to be joining the cast in June Union related that every rape victim was "unique", which extended to how they believed justice should be carried out. Union related to her character from having married and divorced young. The film was the directorial debut of Brian Savelson, the writing ability of whom Union was impressed. Savelson had offered Union the role [51] two years prior to the film's release, in Union saw In Our Nature as a personal victory for her career.

Union reprised her role as Kristen in Think Like a Man Too in , which received mostly negative reviews. Union viewed her character as being similar to members of the Kardashian family or the Braxton sisters. In , Union launched Flawless by Gabrielle Union, a line of hair-care products catered to people with textured hair.

In , she is set to reprise to reprise her role from Bad Boys 2 , Syd Burnett, in the spin-off television series L. Finest , co-starring with Jessica Alba. The book "feature[s] personal stories and reflections on a range of topics that continue to define the contemporary landscape: Union is a spokeswoman for Neutrogena. She became affiliated with Neutrogena in It was reported in November that Union became ambassador for nail polish company SensatioNail.

She became the company's first celebrity ambassador and creative advisor. Union is an advocate for survivors of assault [78] and has voiced her support for Jada, a Texas teenager who was sexually assaulted after passing out during a party; her sexual assault was filmed and posted in clips online, and has been mocked by others on social networking websites. Union has also spoken about the importance of therapy and how she received family and workplace support to quickly access therapy.

Union addressed the shooting of Trayvon Martin and stated, "When you have influence I think it's the responsible thing to do, to speak out on an issue when you see injustice. I'm still fighting for Trayvon [ Union posted on both Instagram and Twitter, calling for anyone with information on the killer of Barnes's aunt to report their information to authorities. Oprah Winfrey stated that Union's Fierce and Fearless Award acceptance speech—in which Union admitted she once reveled "in gossip and rumors"—inspired her because she "had never heard anyone be that honest in public or private about the competition and fierce drive to be seen and succeed in Hollywood.

In February , Union was identified as a suspicious person by airport security and was subjected to a "hair patdown". In , Union supported Barack Obama in his presidential campaign, the election interesting her differently from past elections. We're going strong now. Wade becomes a father again when a woman he was seeing during his split with Union, Aja Metoyer, gives birth to a baby boy named Xavier. The child's paternity briefly remains a secret. With the help of his two sons as well as his nephew Dahveon, whom he also raises, Wade proposes to Union.


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They debut her ring on Instagram and are over the moon. However, the celebration is short-lived. One week later, news breaks that Wade has a love child , which he confirms in a statement in which he calls his third son "a blessing. Union talks to Glamour magazine about why she got back together Wade. Moving forward, I decided my work schedule has to make sense for our family. So everyone should go into the relationship knowing, 'I'm here for you and you're here for me. It's the wave of the future. Wade and Union send out their save the dates, which come in paper and video form.

His creds looked like 'crap,' but she gave him a shot anyway

She previously revealed some details about the wedding, telling Arsenio Hall that the Miami bash on Aug. It's just us and the kids. And we're just riding out, just us. If you're not about us and we don't both have a relationship with you, you're not gonna make it. The couple hits the gym together in advance of their wedding, sharing an ab fab photo on Instagram. They also share some sweet couple shots. However, it's unclear who is going to use it because there are reports that they are making their guests sign a confidentiality agreement and that they are banned from bringing cameras and cell phones to the affair.

Follow Suzy Byrne on Twitter. Sign the agreements and then tariff relief can be talked about. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are ready to wed! Union attends a charity basketball game co-hosted by Wade in July and while they skip the red carpet, they are snapped together courtside. The pretty pair makes their red carpet debut at the Summer Groove event in The couple celebrating their engagement moments after Wade popped the question.